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Chanrasmey Koam

Chanrasmey Koam©Chanrasmey KoamKoam Chanrasmey (Rasmey) was born in Kandal Province, Cambodia in 1989 and has been involved in media and media advocacy since an early age.

From 2004–2007 he was a young reporter on the weekly Youth Today TV show. In 2006 Rasmey was scriptwriter on the Imaging Our Mekong documentary Life Without Choice. In 2007 he was awarded an Imaging Our Mekong Fellowship to study in the Philippines and produced, directed and wrote the film Floating Village examining the situation of Vietnamese migrant children living in a floating village on the Tonle Sap.

In 2009 Rasmey wrote a 20 part TV series exploring issues around maternal health for Cambodian Health Education Media (CHEMS) and produced a number of acclaimed documentaries for local NGO MOPOSJO.

Since 2010 Smey has continued to write, produce and direct documentaries for Cambodian television and international NGOs working with UNICEF, Bayon TV and CTN. He was a facilitator and fixer on the film “Landless” for SBS Australia.

He has also been producing and facilitating online documentaries, working with Martin Potter on the Phnom Penh component of HighRise (Out My Window) for the National Film Board of Canada and director Katerina Cizek ( HighRise won a digital Emmy in 2011 and the inaugural IDFA award for digital storytelling. Rasmey was the Cambodian director on the pilot for Honkytonk Films Boomtown Babylon directed by Vincent Moon and was Director and filmmaker in residence for the acclaimed online documentary Big Stories, Small Towns project in Banlung, Ratanakiri (

In 2011, Rasmey was facilitating a participatory media project around environmental education, in a number of floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake and is currently working in pre-production of Songs from the Building Project funded by Jan Vrijman Fund of International Film Festival Amsterdam.

Film list:

  • 26 short-documentaries on youth related issues, around diverse topics including education, health, culture and tourism.
  • Floating Village
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Life Without Choice


  • Winner of the 2009 South East Asia International Day of Children's Broadcasting Award for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION
  • Winner of IDFA Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

Chanrasmey Koam
Phone: +855972356789