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Nontawat Numbenchapol

Nontawat NumbenchapolNontawat NumbenchapolNontawat Numbenchapol was born in 1983, Bangkok Thailand. He graduated from Visual Communication Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Rungsit University.

His work is about 'space'. His debut feature 'Weirdrosopher World' tells the story of skateboard players who try to find their own space in Thai society. The film is supported by GTH, one of the biggest film studio in Thailand and Thunksa Pansittivorakul's Thaiindie. Weirdrosopher World was screened at Bangkok Experimental Film Festival and World Film Festival of Bangkok.

Nontawat's second feature is 'Empire of Mind' in 2009. In this film, Nontawat tells the story of the existence of his own space. The space he grew up, had ties with, and he was going to lost it forever. The film shows his relationship with his grandmother who raise him since he was very young.

In 'Where Your Boundaries Are' (2011), he tells the story of the people who live in the village near Preah Vihear temple during the Thailand-Cambodia border dispute. The film is financially supported by Arts Network Asia. It is expected to be finished in 2012.

Gaze & HearEmpire of Mind
Bangkok Noise

Film list:

  • Where Your Boundaries Are (2012)
  • Gaze and Hear (2010)
  • Empire of Mind (2009)
  • Bangkok Noise (2007)
  • Volatilize (2007)
  • Weirdrosopher World (2005)


  • Empire Of Mind - Special mention for Duke documentary competition : The 13th Thai Short Film & video Festival Thailand 2009
  • Mobile Lab -  Arts Network Asia (ANA) Awardees 2011
  • Where Your Boundaries Are - selected by DMZ Fund from Asian Network of Documentary, Busan International Film Festival and the DMZ International Documentary 2011
Nontawat Numbenchapol
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