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Ucu Agustin

© Ucu AgustinUcu Agustin is a cum-journalist and a video maker. Her big interest to journalism and documentary, made her an autodidact in learning audio-visual production. She also initiated GambarBergerak—an audio visual community—together with Veronica Kusuma, which accomodates professional and amateur filmmakers who want to develop their projects.

In 2005, Ucu’s short documentary script ”Death In Jakarta” won JiFFest Script Development Competition. Since then, Ucu made several documentary films until 2009, her documentary “Ragat’e Anak”—one of the anthology of AT STAKE (produced by Kalyana Shira Foundation)—brought her to Berlinale Film Festival. AT STAKE is the first Indonesian documentary selected in Documente Panorama Session in that prestigious international film festival.

Film list:

  • Waktu Itu, Januari 2008–Sebuah Catatan Kaki (2009)
  • Pertaruhan (a.k.a At Stake) - Ragat'e Anak An Anthology of 4 Documentary Film About Body & Women (2008)
  • 9808: An Anthology of 10th Year Indonesian Reform - Yang Belum Usai (An Unfinished One) (2008), Writer/Producer/Director
  • Perempuan Kisah Dalam Guntingan (a.k.a Women Behind The Cut) (2008)
  • Kartini Bernyawa 9 (a.k.a Nine Lives of a Woman) (2007)
  • Kematian di Jakarta (a.k.a Death in Jakarta) (2006)
  • Pramoedya: The Last Chapter (2006)


  • Winner of JiFFest Script Development Competition 2005 for DEATH IN JAKARTA (short documentary script)
Ucu Agustin
Phone: +62 819 32352710