About the Project


This platform presents comics and comic artists in Germany and Indonesia. In 2012, more South East Asian countries will join. Comiconnexions showcases artists who represent the independent comic scenes of their countries. The choice of artists was made by curators, Surjorimba Suroto and Imansyah Lubis.

Recently, artists and other comic activists are connected through blogs, webpages and facebook. Comiconnexions aims to be a communication platform for South East Asian and German artists not only in the virtual space, but through joint exhibitions, festivals and workshops.

Which trends are shaping the comic-scenes of South East Asia and Germany? How do artists interact, given the diverse background of story-telling and visual tradition? To learn more, follow the regular updates at www.goethe.de/comiconnexions, on facebook and on twitter.

Many thanks to all comic-fans and curators for their contributions!

We are looking forward to your comments and questions:

Christel Mahnke  mahnke@jakarta.goethe.org
Veriana Devi  devi@jakarta.goethe.org