Melvin S. Calingo is the real name of the artist Taga-Ilog. He majored in visual communications at the University of the Philippines and graduated cum laude in 1999. During his college days, he directed two animated short films, Puti and Blind Beauty, which won top honors in 1999 and 2001 respectively at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Independent Film and Video Competition.

Right after finishing school, Calingo went to work as a illustrator and writer for Culture Crash Comics, where he wrote and drew Pasig, a post-apocalyptic action drama set in the future. He has worked on weekly comic strips for Philippine Ragnarok Online, which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and he contributes spot illustrations for K-Zone magazine. He has held several art workshops and has been invited to talks and seminars as a guest speaker about animation and comics. He has worked for 7 Seas Entertainment, a US-based comic book company where he drew Destiny’s Hand, a 3-volume shounen manga about pirates.

He currently works as Art Director for Digital Art Chefs, an art studio based in the Philippines that specializes in making art for comics, games and more.

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