Multicultural Germany

The association “Typisch Deutsch” isn’t split along the lines of Germans and immigrants. Photo: © Typisch Deutsch e. V.

We are the new Germans

Their parents come from Turkey, Ghana or Korea and they are not fans of being labeled as people with “immigrant backgrounds”. The members of “Typisch Deutsch” (lit. typically German) prefer to be called “new Germans” and are out to redefine what it is to be German.More ...
Photo: Hippolyte

Breakdancing in the mall: Children of immigrants making and breaking the German hip hop scene

The first big wave of hip hop hit Germany in the early 1980s and Eisi Gulp presented his weekly breakdance show.More ... Stihl024

Multicultural Life in Germany

Nearly every fifth person in Germany has a migratory background — in total that is around 15.7 million people.More ...
Wolfsburg, VW Autowerk, Unterkunft Gastarbeiter; Foto: Deutsches Bundesarchiv; Creative Commons

Post-war history of immigration

In the 1950s West Germany experienced an economic boom which quickly led to a shortage of labour. The war had decimated the German workforce.More ...


A French cook who serves bouillabaisse in Antwerp, a Greek computer scientist enjoying party life in Berlin – European expats talk about living abroad in Europe.

Dossier: Jewish Life in Germany

Shadows of the past – optimistic future