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German Food Recipes

On this page you will find recipes for traditional German dishes such as Rote Grütze, Weißkrautsalat, Frikadellen und Bratäpfel.More ...
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German Culinary Tradition and Specialities

German cooking in general reflects the traditions of central European cooking with its rich cakes and many pickles like Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), Gewürzgurken (pickled gherkins), etc.More ...
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German Eating Habits

Although many Germans still eat a comparatively large amount of meat, most people now favour a more modern and healthy way of cooking. Foreign cuisines have become an integral part of the staple diet of most Germans.More ...
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A glance at German Culinary History

Like so much of history, even German food and drink begins with the ancient Romans. They were the first people to comment on German food, and Latin literature shows that original German fare was very simple, with a lot of meat being eaten and a lot of mead (fermented honey and water) being drunk.More ...

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