Educational System

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Schools in Germany

The German school system as such is comparatively old since compulsory schooling was first introduced in 1717. The school system as it is today dates back to the 1960/70s.More ...
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Vocational Training

Seventy per cent of the students who finish post-primary school then go on to work in a company, a workshop, private business or industry.More ...
Cloister of the private school Schloss Salem; © Schule Schloss Salem

Chicer, Dearer, Better? Private Schools in Germany

Germany is becoming a country of private schools. Since 1992, the number of privately operated general education schools has risen about fifty per cent, and every week on the average one or two new establishments are added. But are state schools really worse?More ...
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The EU’s Erasmus Exchange Programme – A Real Success Story

The Erasmus exchange programme for students and academics has been a roaring success.More ...

German Think Tanks

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There are many German researchers, but how do I find the scholarly experts I need for my current project?