Made in Germany

Abbildung der sechs HARIBO Goldbären-Typen, die in Deutschland seit August 2007 erhältlich sind. Foto (c) Benjamin Mussler

Made in Germany - German Inventions

Many inventions were made in Germany. We can often no longer imagine life without these innovations. It arose usually from the need to solve a problem and to achieve a new goal. Germany can look back on a very long, nearly 500 year history of inventions.More ...

Invention of the car and the beginnings of the German car industry

Foto:Nummer 1 mit Halbverdeck (1886) / erstes Automobil mit Verbrennungsmotor, Einzylinder-Viertaktmotor mit 0,9 PS und einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 16 km/h, Verbrauch ca. 13 l. auf 100 km. (c) picture allianceFew inventions had such an impact on the daily lives of people as the invention of the car. Today when cars are the common means of transport it is difficult to imagine a time when the fastest way to travel was on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage. More ...
Volkswagen e-mobility (c) dpa

Cars - Made in Germany

The German automobile industry employs around 712.500 workers (2011) and a grand total of 5,9 million vehicles were manufactured in 2011. The most popular car company in Europe is Volkswagen, which recorded 148,078 new registrations in June, 2012.More ...
Opel car from 1899 Copyright: GM Corp

The Strength of Innovation: The Growing Value of Patents

Brilliant ideas do not always have to be born in the proverbial garage. In the spring of 1863, a cowshed on the outskirts of Adam Opel’s home town of Rüsselsheim sufficed for the serial production of his first sewing machine.More ...
Carl Benz Patent-Motorwagen from 1886. Photo: © Daimler

Germany Celebrates 125 Years of Automobile History

Not so long ago, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler gave the first major impetus to the future of the automobile.More ...

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Innovations made in Germany. German inventions continue to change the world today, just as they have been doing for the past 500 years. Learn more about it.

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