German Courses: Intensive Courses

Bild Unterricht Bild UnterrichtBild Unterricht We offer a variety of intensive courses- all with varying time frames and dates.
If you have questions, please contact our language course office.

The Registration is open for all the batches.

Registrations are done on a first-come,first-served basis.

The following documents are required on the time of Registration:
  • 2 Passport size Photos
  • Copy of Passport or License
  • Course Fee in Cash
    Saturday(04.30 pm - 08.30 pm) &Sunday (08.00 am - 12.00 pm)
    Tuesday,Wednesday&Thursday (05.30 pm - 08.30 pm)
    Tuesday,Wednesday&Thursday (05.30 pm - 08.30 pm)
    Tuesday,Wednesday&Thursday (05.30 pm - 08.30 pm)

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