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bangaloREsident@Pepper House

Sabine Schruender
Sabine Schründer was born in 1973 in Telgte, and has been living in Berlin since 1999 where she works as a freelance photographer and artist.

She studied photography in Bielefeld where she
graduated with the book “EVA–04“. It is a work on the nexus of the individual and the group, of group and society, which she completed in 1998 in Japan. She teaches photography and visual media at the Lette-Verein since 2006. She founded “Loris – gallery for
contemporary art“ together with 7 other artists in 2007 and is part of the artist-coop "Benten Clay" which she co-founded in 2011. Her works are internationally exhibited.

Eva 04 Orientation, identities and the role of the individual in today´s society are the core topics in her projects. In her installative works she creates staged and constructed visual worlds with the use of photography and video to transport themes like security, control and restlessness. These are her interpretations of several partial aspects of current realities and the individual confrontation with the values and structures of modern society.

At the moment, Schründer is interested in the current trend in western societies to return to the values of the origins: the questioning of own work, search for a deeper sense and the extension of the own awareness. This often happens in the paths of spiritualism, yoga, Buddhism – practices and mindsets which have their origin in India.

In Kochi, she will approach the idea of “the optimised self in a capitalistic society“ with portraits, collages and staged scenarios. Portraits, constructions and experiment are also the base for the workshop “Creating
Identities“ which she will execute as a learning initiative within the framework of the Kochi Biennale Foundation in "Pepper House".

The main focus will be a new, collective interpretation of subsistant images, the letting go of authorship and the creation of new identities which never existed before.
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