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Are you planning to take a German language course, or do you perhaps already know a little German? We have the right course for you.

In our general language courses you will learn the standard German spoken in Germany today. You can set your own pace and decide whether to learn on an intensive basis or spread your learning over a longer period. We also have general language courses designed for the needs of teens or business people.

Our special courses will enable you to improve your business German or study special topics such as German literature, music or cultural history.

If you are preparing to take one of the Goethe-Institut'sexaminations, which are recognised world-wide, then ourexamination preparation courses will provide the training you need.
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German courses at the Goethe-Institut


Das Spiel läuft in drei Stufen ab. Sie müssen in jeder Stufe 10 Fragen beantworten, um Ihr Allgemeinwissen über Deutschland zu testen.


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