Becoming and Decaying” & “The changing Hyderabad”

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Salar Jung Museum
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The city: cradle of civilization, melting pot of cultures, mentalities, religions, and ideas, and the locus of human desires for security, freedom, and prosperity. In cities, all those that would never cross paths in the country suddenly converge and collide. The city liberates its inhabitants from the fetters of kinship and family; it requires and fosters enormous cultural and social achievements. It creates concentrations of severe poverty, but frequently offers the only chance of escaping from it. In the city, every person is part of some larger whole, and at the same time, just a tiny, unimportant part. The city offers closeness but creates anonymity. It is everything and its opposite - all at the same time and in the same place. It harbors within it the future of the world.

There are currently 25 megacities that are home to more than ten million people. The exhibition is a long-term project documenting urban growth and decay in 22 cities worldwide. The Ostkreuz photographers focus on capturing human beings in their urban environments and are always on the search for the essence of present-day urban realities.

Ostkreuz was founded in Berlin in 1990 by seven photographers and is considered one of Germany’s most important photographic agencies. Today the agency has 18 members, almost all of whom are recipients of national or international awards. Their works are found in numerous art collections worldwide. The photographers work for renowned magazines including Newsweek, Stern, GEO, and The New York Times Magazine.

Parallel to the Ostkreuz exhibition there will be a local Exhibition ” the changing Hyderabad” displaying wonderful skilled Photographers from Hyderabad Bhagyanagar Photo Art Club. These Artists also dealt with the topic of changing cities just as the Photographers from Ostkreuz have done as well, but focusing on Hyderabad itself.

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