Fit for India

Focus: Intercultural competence

Target group
Transnational teams in German speaking countries with business interests in India. The seminar shall be conducted either in German or in English.

Aim of this training is to familiarize the participants with the Indian mindset and the post global Indian way of life, so as prepare them for their stay in this region and to understand the Indian business partner better.

Seminar Content:
What is India? Is it:
  • Overwhelmingly religious?
  • Deeply anti-scientific?
  • Exclusively hierarchical?
  • Fundamentally un-sceptical?
  • Rational or traditional?
  • A Developing nation or an IT Super Power
  • Unity in Diversity?
Can one:
  • Measure India with western yardsticks?
  • Comprehend the “Indian Standard time”?
  • Expect a “No, Sorry, I can not” from an Indian?
  • Recognize a typical Indian?
  • Trace the colonial footprints on the Indian mind-set?

Recommended Duration:
1-2 days workshops

For this course, please get in touch with the following institutes:
Goethe-Institut Bangalore
Goethe-Institut Mumbai

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