Sanjay and his Master

Puppet Theatre
Shows: 19:00hrs Workshop: 14:00 – 16:00 hrs
Sanjay and his Master is an Indo-German Puppet-music-theatre-project. It will bring together Western and Indian artists and wants to help children in the appreciation of the beauty of classical Indian music.
There will be two morning shows for schools, two evening shows for the general public, and a workshop for puppeteers.

About Sanjay and his Master:
Sanjay, a young man, leaves home to pursue a career as musician. He comes to a bustling, colourful market place and decides to play his old Sitar to get money for food. His listeners are not amused and throw tomatoes at him. Desperate he goes to the famous court-musician and virtuoso Rajad and asks him to take him on as his pupil. He improves from week to week and falls in love with the masters beautiful daughter Nandita. Sanjay wants to stay in the city close to his beloved and wants to be a court-musician – just like his teacher Rajad. The king decides that he needs only one musician and the best. Sanjay and Rajad have to compete in a concert and only one of them can stay. After dramatic events fate changes in an unexpected way...

Sanjay and his Master is about finding one‘s place in the world and about discovering ones calling. The story is based on an old buddhist tale from the Dshatakam. The fairy tales deal with the earlier births of Buddha.

Puppetry: Matthias Kuchta (Lille Kartofler)
Music: Subroto Roy Chowhdury (sitar),
Anjan Saha (sitar and vocal),
Swapan Bhattacharya (tabla)
Director: Dadi Pudumjee
Producer: Stephan v. Löwis of Menar, KinderKinder e.V.

No matter in which country or in which language, his play fascinates children and adults all over the world.

. The director
Dadi Pudumjee studied at the Darpana academy of performing arts puppetry section under the late Meher Contractor and later at the NID National Institute of Design and at the the Marionette Theatre Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied puppetry under Michael Meschke. He worked as a guest director at the Puppentheater, Berlin, in 1979. In 1980, he founded the Sutradhar Puppet Theatre at the Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture in New Delhi and was its artistic director until 1986, after which he set up his own puppet company, The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust. He has travelled widely to perform as well as teach in many countries including the U.K., Russia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, U.S.A, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, Spain. Pudumjee and his troupe performed a version of the Vikram-Betaal myth at New York's La MaMa Theater.

Pudumjee's puppetry is not restricted to the more common versions of string- and hand-puppets. He has also used semi-sculptural puppets that are attached to actors' bodies and carried across stage.
Over the year he has worked extensively with children, especially street children, including his 2007 project with street children of Salaam Baalak Trust, for UNESCO Paris and the EU on in projects on non-formal education that address HIV and substance use. April 2008 he was elected the president of UNIMA for a four year term. Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust organises the annual Ishara International puppet festival each year in Delhi. Ishara conducts workshops for various organisations and NGOs in Delhi and India.
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