Astad Deboo

Dance Workshop
, 10:00hrs for school children
09.1.2012, 16:30hrs for Dancers
Vidyaranya High School
On Invitation Only
When a performer such as Astad Deboo is in town, one cannot miss the occasion to make the most out of his presence! After his performance within the framework of the Krishnakriti Festival, Astad and his troupe of young dancers conduct an interactive workshop for students at Vidyaranya High School in the morning, followed by a workshop for trained dancers in the afternoon.

This workshop is part of the Krishnakriti Festival, and it is in honour of the 150th birthday anniversary of poet and Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore.

“Astad Deboo trained in the Kathak and Kathakali dance forms and also studied dance in the West, spending time with choreographers Pina Bausch and Alsion Chase. Having observed closely dance forms in Japan and Indonesia he has evolved a vocabulary of movements which is very very individualistic and yet Indian in its origin”.

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