Nahaufnahme/ Close Up!

Journalist Exchange
21.2.2012 - 18.3.2012
German and English
The Project:

Editorial journalists from Germany exchange their workplaces with journalists from abroad for three to six weeks. They will join the editorial teams of the respective partner offices of daily newspapers and will be involved in the local journalism work. During their stay the participating journalists will produce articles (in their own language) for the medium in their host country, which will regularly publish them (after translation by the Goethe-Institut). In addition, all of the articles will be published at www.goethe.de/nahaufnahme or www.goethe.de/closeup, which will compile the individual “correspondent reports.” A publication and evaluation are planned at the conclusion of the exchange. :

For this exciting project, hamburger Morgenpost journalist Philip Dudeck from Hamburg (Germany), will come to Hyderabad in February March, and work with Deccan Chronicle journalist Natraj from Hyderbad. Dudeck’s visit to Hyderabad will be followed by Natraj’s stay in Hamburg

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