Monday Morning Huesen

Monday Morning Hues

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The exhibition’s title, connoting the well-known phrase 'Monday morning blues’ depicts people performing various tasks as they go about their lives. Many of the photographs were taken around streets in a candid way to show activity in its purest form without the subject becoming distracted or self-conscious. While the primary emphasis is given to the worker, importance is also given to the environs which, in many cases, is quite harsh yet full of life and colour. Colour has a special significance that a casual viewer ignores while looking at a workplace.

A few close-up images have been added to show the dexterity of the workers. Street musicians are always colourful and expressive. They are shown here along with equally eye-catching pavement vendors. A few not-so-common activities like painting, sand mining and collecting alms are also included. Finally, work is not always performed by men alone. Women at work have also been represented to show the significant role they play too.

The cocoon we weave around ourselves serves only to insulate ourselves from the rest of the world of which, we tend to forget, we are an integral part. The aim of these photographs is to give the viewer a deeper understanding from a closer perspective of daily chores which many of the more fortunate amongst us tend to ignore. Hopefully this arouses curiosity, leading to inquiry, and ultimately to empathy.

About the photographer:
Ashok Kandimalla has been in the field of photography for more than three decades. Being an electronics and computer engineer gives him a unique and deep insight into the digital photographic technology. He has published more than 100 articles (including equipment reviews) in various leading Indian photographic magazines. Some of his writings have also been published in the well-known US Magazine, Popular Photography. Ashok’s photographs have been published in numerous magazines and catalogues. Several of his photographs have been exhibited in leading photo shows. He was also a judge for many photographic salons.

He regularly conducts photography workshops and also was an invited speaker at the annual convention of FIP. He was felicitated by Lino Manfrotto, Italy, the makers of world-famous tripods, for his services in educating photographers. He is a member on the panel of mentors and judges for “Tamron Challenge”, an initiative by Tamron Corp. Japan, to identify and promote photographic talent. . His other photographic-related hobby is collecting classic cameras.

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