Darshanam- An Ode to the Eye

Indian Classical Dance
17.1.2012, 19:30hrs
Taramati Baradari
Open to all
The second performance is by Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant and her Ensemble. Dancer, Choreographer and Scholar, Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant's life in dance has seen her transcend the physical, and lead her audience on a spiritual and ethereal journey. Darshanam - meaning vision, sight and philosophy, explores the myriad hues and shades of the depiction of the eye in the Indian Literature. Darshanam conceptualizes the countless connotations of the eye in religious and poetic metaphor, the physical as well as the all seeking inner eye of the mystic. Premiered in February 2005 and performed widely, this production has been praised extensively by critics as an unique work of art and as a symbiotic relationship between literature, science and art.

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