World Music Day

18:30 Uhr
Taj Deccan Hyderabad
Open to all
+91 40 65526443
This year, in Hyderabad, the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) will be celebrated on Wednesday, 15th June, with music of all genres: Western Classical to Jazz to Carnatic to Pop/Rock. Everyone is welcome to join in the Music Festival of the year.

18.30 hrs Western Classical Music
Iryna Tsarenko, Anoushka Shahane, Sanjukta Koppoku, Ajay Sharma

19:00 hrs  Jazz
Ujjal’s Jazz TrioUjjal Kumar Saha, Benjamin Christopher, Praveen David

19.45 hrs  Savage Folk Rn’b (Germany/India)
Max Turner and Eugene Yuvaraj

20.30 hrs  American Bluegrass – Banjara Hillbillies
Patrick Dempsey, Elvis John, Scott Kingsbury, Dan Mc Cullough

21:00 hrs  French pop/rock band “Betty Argo” on tour in India
Lena Roucaute, Samuel Strouk, Jérémie Pontier, Arnaud Cabibel.

Max Turner was born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. After working in different record stores and dj-ing in Hamburg's clubs he moved to Berlin in 2001,where he released his first solo album "Matchbox Jump & Jeepbeats", which marked the beginning of his professional vocal work, as a rapper. After moving to Barcelona, Spain, in 2002, he founded a new troop "Meteorites" and also took up solo electronic music production. Turner lived in Barcelona for a near decade and was exposed a lot of the Iberian peninsula's musical energy which continues to influence his guitar playing until today. After extensive tours through mainland Europe, he took larger interest in south Indian classical music after 2009. Turner himself considers himself somewhat of nomad, with his family spread between Germany and Portugal and artistic circles throughout Europe and India. Of highland Scottish origin he was educated in English.

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