Struggle for Heimat

11-12.02.2016, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
University of Hyderabad
open for all
+91 40 23350443
Struggle for Heimat
The University of Hyderabad brings a seminar on the struggle for “Heimat”(homeland) in India and abroad —whether the seeking of a new one or the re-imagination of one’s own home – is a topic fraught with emotions and contesting voices and claims. Notions of heimat / homeland feed into a variety of regionalisms found in India. Shared histories, collective identity and an association with specific spaces or regions have defined Indian imaginations of region-ness and homeland. The migration from rural areas to cities and across nations, results in inevitable frictions but also new communities, changing the very rubric of the destinations people move to.Through the seminar, the discussions will not only cover different contexts, but also seek new ways of engaging these questions. A complimentary film program will contribute to the emotional interpretation of “Heimat”. The discourses will touch upon both Indian and European experiences, drawing parallels and finding differences.

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