The Wait

A Play about aging

The First Show: Theater
20.08.2008 18:30
Birla Planetarium, Adarsh Nagar
Open to all
Information: Tel: 040 6552 6443, 2324 1791
Men grow old, pearls grow yellow, there is no cure for it
- Chinese Proverb

Once we are born, we all age, there is little choice in the matter. Some age gracefully, to some others it is an unexpected challenge.>br>
Aging and watching your loved ones age can be an intense experience. “The Wait” directed by Deepthi Tanikella is an attempt to capture some of the emotions, challenges and thoughts associated with aging.

What happens when people age, what will happen when we age? Where is this cycle of life headed? How do we treat age and the old? How should we?The play explores all this and more.

In the director’s words:

"We come or rather are brought into the world.
Sometimes it happens through a doctors hands or your mother gets you out.Sometimes a stranger or the father or the nurse cuts the chord. But the point is that we do have people around us while we are being born.

Then we grow and grow old in mind and body and these relatives and strangers leave our hand.

Sometimes they leave us and go off to far, far lands… a whiff of the old-aged-you might seem harmful to them …

that slow walk from the sofa to the dining table (thanks to the cane and the humble, less-strong legs) might seem lifetime of stress building for them

So what do they do? Leave you in the comfort of wealth and say “deal with it”? Is this the cycle of life? Or is it just inevitable for the old folks, who were once young like you and me."

The play will be followed by an open discussion with the director and the cast

Play written and directed by: Deepthi Tanikella
Duration: Approximately 45 mins

Deepthi Tanikella is an Assistant Director for films and writer now working out of Hyderabad. She describes herself as “a radical writer who wants her audience to take back a little of her thoughts when they watch her works on stage or on screen” The Wait, is her first foray into theatre, and is being presented in collaboration with the Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad and The Vidyasagar Art Centre. This play is a part of the as part of our The First Edition series at the Goethe-Zentrum, Hyderabad. The First Edition is our platform to promote the true spirit of international cultural exchange where we present new and upcoming local artists. In collaboration with local partners, The First Show is envisaged as a platform for local art that truly transcends borders.

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