Jameela: an Autobiography of a Sex Worker

NIFT Auditorium, Madhapur
open to all
+91 40 65526443
This is a play based on “Oru Laingigathozhilazhiyude Atmakatha, Autobiography of a Sex Worker” by Nalini Jameela, in collaboration with S.N. School, University of Hyderabad and National School of Drama, Delhi. The director is Gargi Bharadwaj, and it features actress Pritham Chakravarthy.

‘Sex workers are free in four respects: we don’t have to cook for a husband; we don’t have to wash his dirty clothes; we don’t have to ask for his permission to raise our kids as we deem fit; we don’t have to run after a husband claiming rights to his property.’

The Play is in English.

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