Theatre and Democracy

2015 IFTR conference

6.-10.07.2015, 9 a.m.-5.30 p.m.
University of Hyderabad
To register contact: iftr2015@uohyd.ac.in

There were times in history when it was possible to use the term ‘democracy’ as an absolute ideal for universal good. Over the centuries, and especially after the supposed triumph of democracy with the end of cold war, history has been witnessing institutional and constitutional betrayals, exclusions, torturous oppression and even massacres perpetrated in the name of democracy.

At a time when ‘democracy’ becomes neo-colonial war cry in the international arena and, in many countries, a way for dictatorial forces to gain power and suppress dissent through violent means, it is important to unpack the concept and see what is relevant and good about it and how it is relevant for what we do as practitioners and scholars in theatre. This has implications not only for theatre practice as part of the public sphere, but also for scholarship and for visualising better institutional structures. 2015 IFTR conference will present papers that explore all aspects of theatre and democracy.

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    Poets from South Asia and Germany translate each other's poems.