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Mrs. Jaya Dhindaw

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Jaya Dhindaw about “Greening with Goethe”

Bio- data

Jaya Dhindaw is an Urban Planner with the Center for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning at the Indian Institute of Science. She comes to the institute with over 10 years of international experience; 8 of which were in the government/public sector at the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and 2 in the private industry in Bangalore, India as well as in Charlotte, USA.

Most of Jaya’s prior work has been centered on the human interface and interaction with the built environment as well as the design of buildings and urban spaces to promote community interaction and environmentally sensitive city design.

She has also worked in the area of Transit and Transportation, focusing on Transit Oriented Development and the design of neighborhoods and communities. Jaya’s proposed work at CiSTUP focuses primarily on issues pertaining to Environmental Planning (Sustainable Solid Waste Management) which is based on her Master’s thesis as well as Urban Design and Planning. She also has keen interest in Strategic Planning and Governance as it relates to urban areas and centers. Jaya earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Pune University, India; a Master’s degree in City Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology, India and a Master’s in Community Planning from the University of Cincinnati, USA.

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