The Experts

Dr. Hoysala N Chanakya

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Area of interest and research:

Carrying out R,D & D on decentralized energy technologies (biogas plants and peripherals) and energy system integration into rural life from 1980. Early studies had revealed, being energy resource deficient, rural South India will continue to depend on biomass as the primary energy resource - biogas option has a great potential to convert all compostable organics to fuel gas and rich organic manure. Cattle dung based biogas plants have already spread but have finite potential. Thus new processes / technology for other biomass have to be developed. This is my conviction.

Biomass biogas plants can be built to meet all current and future base-load energy needs in villages. Unless such plants are built, operated and managed by people in rural areas, there is not likely to be major impact on policy. My efforts is largely in R&D on biomass biogas plants, demonstrating their use in various areas, making them more attractive to end-users and finally pushing towards a green bio-energy policy.

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