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Shazia Aziz Wülbers

© Shazia Aziz WülbersShazia Aziz Wülbers Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies, University of Bremen

2009 onwards: Habilitation on Norm Diffusion in the Political Theory Department of the Institute for Political Science, University of Hamburg
2003-2008: Doctoral thesis at Sciences Po Paris titled “The Paradox of EU India Relations: Missed Opportunities in Politics, Economics, Development Cooperation and Culture.” Supervisor: Christophe Jaffrelot
2001-2003: DEA (equivalent of MPhil) at Paris 1 University Panthéon Sorbonne. Dissertation title “De Maastricht à Amsterdam: Regards théoriques sur un moment de la construction européenne”
1997-1999: MPhil in International Relations at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Dissertation title “The European Union and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation: A Case Study in Regional Integration”
1995-1997: Master’s degree at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
1992-1995: Bachelor’s degree from Government Girls College, Bhopal, India

2009 - onwards: Research Associate, Institute for Political Science, University of Hamburg
2008 - onwards: Lecturer and Researcher at the CEuS, University of Bremen
2005 - 2008: Editor, EuroIndia Centre, La Rochelle, France
2004: Researcher at Dexia, Credit Local, Paris, France

University of Bremen:
Winter semester 2009-10: Tutorial for Introduction to Comparative Politics
Winter semester 2009-10: Tutorial for Introduction to International Relations
Winter semester 2008-09: Emerging Powers in World Politics
Winter semester 2008-09: New Institutionalist Theories and Comparative Politics, co-teaching with Professor Ulrike Liebert
Summer semester 2008: EU’s relations with South Asia

Bremen University of Applied Sciences:
Summer semester 2010: EU’s Relations with Asia

University of Hamburg, Asia Africa Institute:
Summer semester 2010: Contemporary South Asian Politics
Winter semester 2009-10: Modern South Asia: History, Culture and Politics
Summer semester 2009: Zeitgenössische gesellschaftliche und kulturelle Entwicklungen in Südasien
29. 1. 2009: EU relations with SAARC nations. Lecture at the Asia Africa Institute, University of Hamburg

University of Hamburg, Institute for Political Science:
Winter semester 2010-11: Basic Course for Introduction in Political Science
Summer semester 2010: Norms in World Politics

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