The Experts

Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers

University Bremen

“I am impressed by all these excellent projects plans and the vast participation of Indian schools. The project ‘Greening with Goethe’ seems to start something ‘grand’. Hopefully this initiative will last for long!”

Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers about “Greening with Goethe”

Bio- data
  • Studies of chemistry at the University of Düsseldorf and Bremen
  • Doctorate at the University Bremen in biochemistry/ toxicology
  • Consulting service of works to unhealthy working materials
  • Teaching of basics in toxicology, general chemistry and environmental chemistry
  • Lectures in environment protection
  • Co-worker at the University Bremen since 1996
    • Coordination of the environment management system
    • Principal investigator for high school profiles (sustainable chemistry and sustainable technology)
  • Member of the committee for hazardous substances
  • Expert advice for the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
  • diverse publications to environmental management of universities

    platform for reflections from an artistic and cultural scientific perspective on climate change as well as for projects around the world

    Dossier: Sources of Power for the Future

    Where lies the future of energy policy?