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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heyser

“Our environment is the basis of our lives. We have already exerted far too much pressure, and we must learn to treat it more carefully and sustainably.This is something we should become aware of and be made aware of as children. The project “Greening with Goethe” gives young people the opportunity to deveop environmentally conscious behavior through research-based learning, which they internalize and use in their everyday life. Only so can sustainable action be truly practiced"

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heyser about „Greening with Goethe“


Dr. Heyser studied zoology, botany and biochemistry at the Universities in Aachen and Bonn, and was awarded Ph.D. for his dissertation in Botany on the mechanisms of solute transports in plants. In the year of 1968, Dr. Heyser moved to the Faculty of Forest Botany at the University of Göttingen where he qualified as a professor in 1976. After a year of teaching and research at the University of Madison, Wisconsin, USA, he took up a professorship in Forest botany in Göttingen 1978 as a part of Heisenberg Fellowship. At the end of 1979, he was appointed Professor of Applied Botany and Physiological Plant Anatomy at the University of Bremen, where he was the dean of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry during 1983-1985, and was elected Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology transfer from 1991 to 1995. Applied research appealed to him most and he got actively involved in the founding of the Centre of Environmental Research and Sustainable Technologies (UFT =Zentrum für Umweltforschung und nachhaltige Technologien), of which he was the director and spokesman from 1999 to 2008.

Work- and Research Areas:

  • Physiology of transport- and storage processes in crops, structure and function of tree roots [nutrients, pollutants], mycorrhizal research, eco physiology, phytoremediation, renaturation of degraded locations
  • Member of different scientific advisory boards and research institutions
  • Cooperation in three priority programs of the Central Research Funding Organisation of Germany (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

Editing of several funded projects of environmental themes such as:
  • Revitalizing of degraded soils
  • Plant filters for decentralized filtration of pollutants from rainwater
  • Soil melioration through compost substrates
  • Long-term studies to assess the natural degradation of pollutants and retention in the unsaturated soil zone
  • Self-cleaning processes of pollutants in military sites
  • Risk criteria of protection of Biodiversity
  • Environmental chip, part of the fungus-identification project
  • Extraction of Baccatin III (anticancer drug) from “Taxus Cell Cultures”

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