Melt Trio

Photo: Stefanie Marcus
Melt Trio/Photo: Stefanie Marcus 
is a German jazz band. After two highly praised records (Melt, 2011 and Hymnolia 2013), Melt Trio presents their third album Stroy. The brothers Peter and Bernhard Meyer on guitar and bass, and drummer Moritz Baumgärtner have invented a sound that overrides established concepts of jazz improvisation, alternative rock, modern classical music and ambient sound. The concert will feature improvised music to poems by poet Nicolai Kobus and Rochelle D’Silva.

Since year one the brothers Peter and Bernhard Meyer have been working together intensively on their music. Apart from Melt Trio they have also been part of “Lea W. Frey Trio” (Alben: We can´t rewind, 2011, How soon is now?, 2013), “MSV Brecht” ( Urwaldallee, 2009, Hippie Tunes, 2012) and the Indie-Rock Band of the australian songwriter Dan Freeman (I Lie a lot, 2011) Bernhard completed a Master’s degree under John Hollenbeck at the Jazz Institute in Berlin and worked on projects with Eric Schäfer, Claudio Puntin and Kurt Rosenwinkel. Peter studied guitar under Kurt Rosenwinkel at the Jazz Institute in Berlin.

Moritz Baumgärtner was trained by Clarence Penn, Jeff Hamilton, Joey Baron, Jim Black, Jeff Ballard and Jochen Rückert and has worked with internationally known musicians such as Ack van Rooyen, Sigi Busch, Johannes Enders and Adrian Mears. He began a degree at the Jazz Institute under John Hollebeck in 2006. He is an inherent part of the Berlin jazz scene and has also been acting as the backbone for bands, including the Lisbeth Quartett, Johanna Borchert, the electro-punk-band Frittenbude and from 2010 to 2014 also for the crazy rock-circus Bonaparte.