Udit Duseja

Udit Duseja © private
Udit Duseja © Photo: private 
Udit Duseja, Sound Installation
is an independent artist and sound designer based in Mumbai.

Udit believes that sound is a powerful tool – that it affects our perception of the image and helps us to construct our understanding of a concept subconsciously. He approaches every project with a liberal attitude, bringing in a new aesthetic and focusing on special characteristics of sound which serves the storytelling well.

Since 2009, he has not only worked on a number of international features, shorts and documentaries spanning different genres but has also conceived and worked on sound design for numerous audio-visual installations and thereby creating experiences and tackling diverse subjects like space, ecology, technology and personal & local histories. Some of his most recent installations are, Sense of Space [2016], Depths & Depravity [2015], Helibot & The Mysterious Cave of Memories [2015] and Bandradesh [2014], among others. In 2015, his work was featured in Form and Substance, Miami and Aurora Festival, Dallas.