Poetry in der Stadt

Canvas Kavita #9

Fusing Poetry with Art

Open Mic und Lesung
17:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
Tarq, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai
Sprache: Mehrsprachig
Freier Eintritt
Information: +91 22 22027710
Canvas Kavita is a monthly TPC collaboration with TARQ Art Gallery, where we fuse poetry and the artworks exhibited at the Gallery.

This month's exhibition at TARQ is called 'Canticle', showcasing a series of woven canvases by Boshushara Mukherjee. In an attempt to merge the gap between ‘Art’ and ‘Craft’, Boshudhara has developed a unique technique: while she paints the canvas using acrylic and oil, she also weaves the canvas, transforming its very nature as a carrier of paint.
We invite you to submit your poems for the same. The concept of Canvas Kavita is to invite responses to the artwork and its theme. So the entries you submit should be based on one or more of Boshudhara's works. The poems can be in any language, form, style. Please mention the name of the work the poem is written on while submitting the same
Partner: Poetry Club