26 November 2016

Poetry and Conflict

with Afzal Ahmed Syed, Dawngi Chawngthu, Kedar Misra, Sajjad Sharif, Shafi Shauq. Moderated by Nabina Das

Dialogue and Reading
26 Nov 2016
2.00 pm to 3.30 pm
Gallery,Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai, Kala Ghoda
Language: English
Free entrance. Open to all first-come-first-seated
Information: +91 22 22027710
How does war and conflict affect poetry? How is the experience expressed in poetry? Afzal Ahmed Syed has witnessed civil wars in Beirut and Dhaka and now lives in Karachi. Kedar Misra has written of the Kalinganagar massacre in Orissa.
Sajjad Sharif grew up in Dhaka and witnessed the Bangladesh Liberation War, and Shafi Shauq lives in the conflict-ridden state of Kashmir. In a discussion led by author and translator Nabina Das, each poet will present their work and perspective, and discuss the impact of conflict on their poetry.