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Dhammrakshit Randive

Shahnaz Munni © Goethe-Institut

Foto: Goethe-Institut / Andrea Fernandes
Dhammrakshit Randive, better known as Dhamma, hails from Satara, Maharashtra. Dhamma grew up in a musical atmosphere, his father Shaahir Srirang Randive a well-known exponent of the Marathi folk form Shaahiri (a form of lyrical story-telling performed in verse). Dhamma excelled in the art form under his father's tutelage making his debut at the young age of ten on All India Radio (AIR)'s Aakashwani, winning State-level Shaahiri competitions and most recently having performed at Mumbai Doordarshan's Lok Rang show. Dhamma imbibed the progressive social values that his father championed in his Shaahiri renditions talking about the issues of inequality, exploitation and citizenship among others. Holding a Bachelors in Social Work and Diploma in Performing Folk Art from the Maharashtra Lok Kala Akademi, Dhamma seeks to bring about Social Change through Art.