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Hemant Divate

Shahnaz Munni © Goethe-Institut

Foto: Goethe-Institut / Andrea Fernandes
Hemant Divate is a Marathi poet, editor, publisher and translator. He is the author of six poetry collections in Marathi. Poetrywala has recently published his Selected Poems 1990-2015 (in English translation) and Reloaded (in the original Marathi). His poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Estonian, Serbian, Russian, Slovak, Irish, Arabic, Japanese, Persian and many Indian languages. He is the founder-editor of the prestigious Marathi little magazine Abhidhanantar , which saw uninterrupted publication for 15 years. Abhidhanantar has been credited for providing a solid platform to new poets and for enriching the post-nineties Marathi literary scene. His publishing house, Paperwall Media & Publishing, has published (under its Poetrywala imprint) more than 90 poetry collections.