Poets and Speakers

Raj Shekhar

Shahnaz Munni © Goethe-Institut

Foto: Goethe-Institut / Andrea Fernandes
Raj Shekhar Raj Shekhar is a Hindi film lyricist who made his debut with Tanu weds Manu in 2011. He is also a poet and a celebrated fiction author of children’s literature. A post graduate in literature from University of Delhi, Raj Shekhar is from Madhepura, Bihar. His original and translated published work includes Ruru raag, Pakdo uss bille ko, Five little monkeys and Abu . His poems have been published in several prestigious literary magazines and he has also performed in numerous literary and cinema events. His most recent work is Manju ka Tila , a multi-genre performance which is an amalgamation of short stories, poems and live music.