Aruna Dhere

Foto: Goethe-Institut / Aruna Dhere
Foto: Goethe-Institut / Andrea Fernandes
Aruna Dhere born in 1957 is a Marathi litterateur who has written over forty books in different genres including poetry, children’s literature and social history, with an enduring emphasis on the lives and worlds of women. She has also written criticism on Marathi literature, folk literature and the epics. Her books of poetry include Prarambha, Jaave Janmaakade, Nilya Paradarshak Andharaat and Matraakshar. She is the recipient of numerous awards, among them are the Acharya Atre Award and the Kavi Kusumagraj Award. She has worked as an editor, lecturer and producer. She is currently the director of the research centre ‘Shashwati’ in Pune.


माझ्या मित्रा /
Hör mir zu, mein Freund

युद्धापेक्षाही प्राणांतिक /
Tödlicher noch als der Krieg

काय होते ? /
Was folgt wem folgt was

जाणारा जात नाही रिकामा /
Niemand geht mit leeren Händen