A Photo essay on Christian Filips’ poem "da auf der lauernden, der weißen Strecke" (There on the lurking)

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Da auf der lauernden, der weißen Strecke,

wo die Klarheit offen, so feindlich offen
und ertappt liegt: Die Klarheit des Begriffs
Klarheit begreifen, wie wenn sagen wir wäre
ein weites Feld, wie wenn sagen wir wäre
verschneit, wie wenn klar wäre auch
aus großer Distanz: Da liegt ja mein Blick
und er ist und blickt so freundlich fremd
da auf der ausgestreckten, weißen Lauer.
Christian Filips

The quest for answers: To be honest, I was unable to comprehend the finer nuances of the poem until the encounter began and the poet himself started to explain his work.

I decided to work on this poem, as I was able to relate to it – relate to a feeling that was unique. This feeling was immeasurable and constantly triggered questions in the innermost self - questions about existence, karma and everything that one encounters in daily life - happiness, grief, desire, and I realized that as you seek more, you are drowned deeper into the unknown.

I have tried to convey my understanding through a series of photos where I have attempted to analyse the poem and the poet, as well as manifest, visually, the feelings the poet had encountered - feelings that I identify with and are similar to my own - feelings that are hidden deep inside me, yet those that I am faced with every day- those of self-doubt, of fear to take the next step forward, questions that have no answers and a voice that is fighting to be heard. It has made me realize that this constant struggle with your inner-self is enormous, but the power of finding the answers, overcoming the doubt that surrounds you, and moving forward lies only with you and deep within you.

Yawan Rai