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Poets translating Poets Goethe-Institut; Photo: Andrea FernandesPhoto: Goethe-Institut / Andrea Fernandes

An Indologist, a professor and a poet walk into a bar. Well, a library actually, but the outcome is no less fun.

Rashmi Dhanwani reports on the Delhi encounter of Poets Translating Poets More...

A professor-poet, Savita Singh, traverses many worlds. She is a Professor at the School of Gender and Development, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi. Her poems are written in English and Hindi and have been translated into various languages. Savita Singh's poems often revolve around the issue of Feminism.

Rashmi Dhanwani conducted the interview. She is the Founder of The Art X Company, and is an Editorial consultant on with Goethe-Institut Mumbai. More...