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Dr. Bashir Ahmad Sheikh

Dr. Bashir Ahmad Sheikh
Photo: Goethe-Institut / private
Dr. Bashir Ahmad Sheikh was born and brought up in Srinagar in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. He studied German Language and Literature at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He completed his Ph.D from University of Kashmir and wrote his thesis on Nietzsche. His fields of specialization are German Language, Literature and Philosophy. He has been teaching German for the last 30 years at the University of Kashmir. He is skilled in diverse languages such as Kashmiri, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, English and German.

He is a fellow of German Academic Exchange Service and has stayed in the University of Hamburg during his PhD Program and University of Bonn to gather material for his work on ‘Herder and East”. He has published in Journals of repute and his published works include: Goethe and the Tempting power of the East, Goethe and Iqbal, Annemarie Schimmel on Iqbal, Deutsche Literatur und Indien, Globalization: Super Power Hegemony, Higher Education in Germany, Islam and the West, The Role of Language in Era of Globalization, Grilparzer-ein Localpatriot, Iqbal and Nietzsche and Die orientalischen Religionen und die Deutsche Literatur and  Herder, Religion and Orient. The books published include: Deutsche Literature und Orient, Sabine: Eine Interkulturelle Kommunikation

He is Director, Institute of Foreign Languages University of Kashmir since 2001.