18 young journalists from 16 countries all over the Euro-Mediterranean region participated in the first Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Young Journalists.

Haneen Aweis, Palestinian Territories

born in 1984, graduated in Journalism and Political Sciences from Birzeit University, was a news editor for Ma’an TV Networks, works now as a researcher for the International Centre of Bethlehem
Ma'an TV Network

Ruth Bender, Germany

born in 1982, graduated in Print Journalism from Westminster University, London, studies now European and International Affairs at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences, gained work experiences as an intern at the Deutsche Welle Online Service and Dow Jones Newswires, works also for the European magazine
Deutsche Welle Online
Café Babel

Gulsen Devre, Turkey

born in 1981, studies Political Science and Arabic Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and organises a student exchange programme with Egyptian and Dutch students, works also as correspondent for

Nasry Esmat, Egypt

born in 1981, graduated in Journalism from Ain Al-Shams University, Cairo, attended a summer course in New Media Applications at the University of Florida, gained experiences as editor for sport news, tutors at Ain Al-Shams’ mass communication section, works also as a reporter and assistant editor for the daily Arabic Al-Ahram Newspaper
Al-Ahram Newspaper

Ahmed Esmat Aly, Egypt

born in 1982, graduated in Business Administration from Alexandria University, studies now Marketing and Sales at the Arab Academy for Science and the American University of Cairo, works also as a journalist and project manager for the event magazine AlexGuide

Marina Ferhatovic, Sweden

born in 1981 in Bosnia, graduated in Journalistic Writing from the University of Goethenburg, participated in a study abroad programme in the Netherlands and Denmark, has work experience as reporter for the daily Göteborgs-Posten, works now as journalist for Metro Göteborg
Metro Götheborg

Krisztian Gal, Hungary

born in 1986, graduated in Political Science and International Relations from Lorand Eotvos University and Corvinus University of Budapest, spent an academic year in Sweden, was student secretary at the Hungarian Political Science Association, works now as a journalist for the online magazine FigyelöNet

Letizia Gambibi, Italy

born in 1983, graduated in Public, Political and Social Communications and Journalism from the Universities of Siena and Bologna, was an exchange student in England, was a trainee for the online magazine Osservatorio sui Balcani, works now as a writer for the European magazine
Café Babel
Osservatorio sui Balcani

Zahra Hankir, Lebanon

born in 1983, graduated in Political and Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut and Manchester University, was Editor-in-Chief of the Outlook Student Newspaper, gained various work experiences in editing and publishing, now working as staff journalist for “”

Maha Al-Kahef, Syria

born in 1982, graduated in Journalism from Damascus University, studies now Translation, gained experiences as a general reporter and essay writer for the Syrian Al-Ghad student newspaper, works also as a journalist for

Hind Khalefe, Palestinian Territories

born in 1985, graduated in Press and Information from Al-Najah University, Nablus, has work experiences as an announcer for Radio Tareeq al-Mahabeh and Radio Al-Najah

Pawel Krzysiek, Poland

born in 1984, studies Political Sciences, European Integration and Media Studies at the University of Szczecin, participated in various exchange programmes with other European Universities, diverse experiences as a reporter working in different medias in Poland and Italy, also working as a journalist for the University Review

Josef Christian Ladenhauf, Austria

born in 1980, graduated in Electronic Media from Aristoteles University Thessaloniki, Greece, studies now Communication Sciences, Sociology and Ethnology at the University of Vienna, is an assistant at the Institute of Political Science and editor of the Global View magazine, works also as a freelancer for the daily newspaper Der Standard
Der Standard

Ido Liven, Israel

born in 1980, graduated in Journalism from Koteret School for Journalism and Communications, studies now Humanities and Social Sciences at Open University, Israel, gained work experience at the German daily Die Welt newsroom and as Germany correspondent for ynet news-website, works also as a freelancer for various Israeli magazines and newspapers

Patricia 0’Callaghan, Ireland

born in 1983, graduated in journalism from Dublin City University, participated in a study abroad programme in the USA, works now as an online journalist for RTÉ – Ireland’s National Broadcaster

Hanane Oulaillah-Jazouani, Marocco

born in 1980 in France, graduated in Screen Production from the University of Winchester, England, works now as a journalist and news reader for Atlantic Radio, Casablanca
Atlantic Radio

Malene Rykaer, Denmark

born in 1981, studies Journalism at the Southern Denmark University, is a student counsellor at the Centre for Journalism, spent various stays abroad, works also for Bastard Film as a journalist and researcher for investigating documentaries
Bastard Film

Amira Souilem, France

born in 1985, graduated in European and Muslim World Studies from the Paris Institute of Political Sciences, spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, studies now Journalism at the Institute of Political Sciences’ School of Journalism, had various internships, works also as a journalist for France 2 television.

The workshop trainer: Julia K. Bayer, Germany, and Björn Richter, Germany

The experts participating in the workshops: Lina Ejeilat (blogger, JO magazine), María Font de Matas (Jordan Times), Rana Sabagh (Journalist), Sawsan Zaideh (ammanNet Radio)

The Goethe-Team: Malika Bouziane, Johanna Johannson, Dr. Thomas Lier, Imke Grimmer

The EMAJ-Team: Wadia Ait Hamza, Hamza Alamoosh, Mia Andersson, Randa Kamal and Eva Pentz (participants of the first Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament and creative minds of the first Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Young Journalists)