How to say?

Andrey Busel
The Belarusian architect and street-artist about peculiarities of street-art in Belarus

Juozas Laivys
The Lithuanian sculptor who often creates works for public space shares his impressions after meeting Belarusian artists.

Almira Ousmanova
Theory and practice: how to make a statement in public space, what is the meaning and significance of public art, and how to distinguish this kind of art from other forms of creativity?

Stefan Rusu
Projects “Flatspace” and “Kiosk” and the peculiarities of the public art in Moldova

Olga Sazykina
The Belarusian artist about the first public art project in her artistic career

Sergey Shabohin
The active participant of the Belarusian contemporary art scene discusses the prospects of evolution of public art in Belarus.

Skaidra Trilupaitytė
The different forms of culture and their role in urban planning: the case of Vilnius

Martine van Kampen
Public art in the Netherlands: trends, critique, examples

Franciska Zolyom
Reflections on differing
meanings of the notions of “the public sphere” and “art in public space”, as well as the quality of such art