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Literature Reading with Discussion

Gabrielle Alioth

What stories come to life in history? What is the relationship between fact and fiction? How do you create a novel from experience, memory and fantasy? What makes writing so addicting and how does writing shape life? The Swiss author Gabrielle Alioth, located in Ireland, looks for answers and reads from her works.

Born in Basel in 1955, Gabrielle Alioth, a student of economics and art history at the University of Basel and Salzburg, worked as an economics researcher and translator. In 1990 she published her first novel “Der Narr”, from which many other novels, children’s books, short stories, essays, travel books and theatre pieces followed. Aside from that, she also worked as a journalist and a high school teacher as well being successful in her writing career. She has resided in Ireland since 1984.

Extracts from reviews

"(…) Gabrielle Alioth is a fantastic storyteller, who does extensive research in her historical facts. (…) She can replicate an exciting time and brings it to life." (Susanne Mach in Main-Echo, 28./29. May 2011)

"Every author has themes that accompany them through their works, and for Gabrielle Alioth the prevailing theme is the subjectivity of the perception of context within a relationship. She composes stories about the impossibilities of Love" (Rita Kunze, MitteldeutscheZeitung, 15. October 2008)

"Literary fashions and popular topics are of no importance to Gabrielle Alioth. Since her first novel in 1990 “Der Narr” the Swiss author goes her own way. Every few years she publishes a high quality, compressed, and uncompromised, work. However Alioth does not concern herself with impressing her readers, she keeps her focus on literature, and this she is able to bring into the limelight with exceptional skill. Those who wish to read will read." (Peter Klein im ORF, Dezember 2003)

“A Novel about the strength of creative fantasy, it is wonderfully clear and exquisitely composed” (Anna Mitgutsch)

“Gabrielle Alioth creates a thread of events in her books that links together to create vibrant consecutive images” (Der Tagesspiegel)