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Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John: Nigeria’s Invisible Voices

Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John: Nigeria’s Invisible Voices

Elnathan John’s debut novel, Born on a Tuesday, is an arresting depiction of life in North Nigeria at a time of Islamic radicalisation. The story of young Dantala’s search for a place in society offers a human perspective on the violent ideological conflicts of the contemporary world. More ...

Make it in Germany   deutsch deutsch

Portal for international experts offering comprehensive information on living and working in Germany.

Mein Weg nach Deutschland   deutsch deutsch

Do you have questions about living in Germany? In this section you can find direct answers to many questions on the themes covered under “Living in Germany”: such as Work, Shopping or Health.

Fancy some German?

Surely you're not afraid of German?! To play with the German language, without having learnt it first? This is now possible with our online game - try it out! We would like to share our love of the German language with you.

Word of Mouth   deutsch deutsch deutsch

Orally transferred knowledge, Oral History, storytelling, oral literatures, Spoken Word

Writing about Africa   deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch

Welcome to a voyage of discovery of new German literature representing images of diverse Africa

Das Deutschlandlabor  

Deutschlandlabor investigates common prejudices and cliches about Germany and presents a lively picture of the country.


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