A Head Full of Honey (2014)

© Warner Bros.
© Warner Bros.
Directed by Til Schweiger

Head Full of Honey is a broad family film that probably goes on for a little too long. To its credit, its broadness kind of serves a purpose. This is a story of a young girl (Emma Schweiger) who learns that her grandfather (Dieter Hallervorden) has Alzheimer’s. Before her parents put him in a home, she decides to take him on one last adventure. The film largely plays out as a series of comedic vignettes, with the grandfather doing something wrong due to his gradual decline, and the people around him having to deal with it.

There is something bold about the way this film treats Alzheimer’s. Just the fact that this is a family comedy is interesting, since most films that tackle the subject take a much more sober approach. Through its comedy, the film conveys a radical compassion for people afflicted with the disease, and stumps for alternative ways to deal with them. Having said that, it still doesn’t quite acquit the film of its various failings. It is entirely too long, and it juggles too many subplots. The editing is bizarre as well, with even the most sedate of scenes suffering from twitchy cutting.

by Philbert Dy