Wild (2015)

© Heimatfilm
© Heimatfilm
Directed by Nicolette Krebitz

Ania (Lilith Stangenberg) lives a pretty unremarkable life. And then one day, she spots a wolf on the edge of the woods. She becomes obsessed with it, and is slowly seduced into a wilder way of living. It’s a simple setup for what turns out to be one of the most exciting, completely transgressive films in recent memory. The film quickly builds a portrait of an utterly mundane life, and then spends the rest of its runtime breaking it down. This is a story of a woman trapped by social norms, and becoming free through her complete rejection of them.

There are no half-measures in Wild. It isn’t afraid to get ugly, to show its main character doing things that might be completely shocking. But the movie also manages to make it all look awfully seductive. This is a film dripping with lust, the whole thing just growing sexier as Ania falls deeper into what most would consider depraved behavior. But there is freedom in her choices, a sense of a woman coming into her own in spite of a society that seems intent on keeping her down. And if she has to fall in love with a wolf to do it, then so be it. This is a film that’s just willing to go there.

by Philbert Dy