Dark Side of the Moon (2015)

© Felix Cramer/AlamodeFilm
© Felix Cramer/AlamodeFilm
Directed by Stephan Rick

After a successful merger leads to a man’s suicide, lawyer Urs Blank (Moritz Bleibtreu) wanders into the world of psychotropic drugs. A young woman he has just met takes him to a party where everybody takes mushrooms. He has a bad trip, and in the days following, he finds that he has become a different. Dark Side of the Moon largely follows Urs as he tries to find a remedy for what he perceives to be some sort of lingering effect from the mushroom. The question at the heart of the movie is whether or not he was a monster all along.

This is a moody, atmospheric film that studies that question through a pretty basic thriller structure. It feels a little padded out, with a good bulk of this film dedicated to the main character just trying to locate the mushroom that led him down this dark path. But when it really drills down on his struggle, the movie is able to smartly juxtapose his seemingly feral inclinations with his work as a corporate lawyer. It is able to depict an environment where monsters are allowed to exist. They just happen to be wearing suits, and when they kill people, they do it through sins of omission.

by Philbert Dy