Promised Cities

Promised Cities

Planete Doc ReviewFilm programme in Warsaw and Mumbai

© Planete Doc Review Filmstill: Ito - Diary of an Urban Priest, directed by: Pirjo Honkasalo

The film project „Promised Cities” provides an insight into the reality of life in modern metropolises. The labyrinthine streets seen from the terraces of Brazilian penthouses, mimes directing traffic in Bogotá, rubbish sorters in the districts of Cairo as well as many other surprising scenes from various parts of the world together make up the image of life in large cities.

These documentaries present the potential of megacities, urban visions and hopes, as well as the brutal truths of daily metropolitan life. These films journey throughout the continents to open a discussion about big cities; the development of which often outpaces the most daring demographical and urban prognosis. The film directors pose questions about the structure of authority in megacities, perspectives of development of metropolises and the resulting consequences for the comfort of their inhabitants.

This series was produced within the scope of the 7th Planete Doc Review Festival that will be held in Warsaw from the 7th to the 16th of May, 2010. In the programme, amongst other films, is the classic work by Michael Glowogger, entitled “Megacities”. In twelve scenes, this film presents the everyday life of the inhabitants of Mumbai, New York, Mexico City and Moscow. The four-part documentary project “Cities on Speed” shows the challenges connected with the development of Mumbai, Cairo, Shanghai and Bogotá. The lyrical film essay “In Berlin” by Michael Ballhaus presents the German capital city through the prism of its unique citizens, for it is they who should be credited with creating Berlin’s exceptional atmosphere.



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7. Documentary Film Festival Planete Doc Review, 7.–16.05.2010

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