The Trail

The Trail

Lech RowinskiA literary search for trails in Berlin, Warsaw and Mumbai

    Lech RowinskiThe metropolis is one of the most important topoi of modern times. Distinguished works of international contemporary literature reflect the emergence of the metropolis, the allure of a city, the convergence of diverse lifestyles in cramped spaces, the success and failure of alternative concepts of life in an urban milieu.

    Six authors from Berlin, Warsaw and Mumbai have been invited to spend several weeks in the respective cities unknown to them. A local litterateur shall set a trail for the invited author comprising questions, clues, locations and contacts, which shall serve as a log book for the exploratory journeys in the city. Literary essays will be presented at readings with participating authors and in the form of a publication on 13 November 2010 in Mumbai and early 2011 (Berlin/Warsaw).

    Link SymbolReading in Mumbai 13.11.2010

    In terms of content, this search for trails will be based on the core questions of “The Promised City”: What promise do the respective cities hold, which are the ones they fulfill? What do people dream of? Which are the hopes that will be met and which shall be dashed? Who finds his fortune in the metropolises? Who turns away from this moloch in disappointment?


    Sylwia Chutnik (PL) to Mumbai
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    Wojciech Kuczok (PL) to Berlin

    Arnold Stadler (DE) to Mumbai

    Yadé Kara (DE) to Warsaw

    Kiran Nagarkar (IND) to Warsaw

    Ranjit Hoskote (IND) to Berlin