Grand Opening Party Warsaw

Grand Opening Party in Warsaw

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Grand Opening of The Promised City in Warsaw. (Film: framka)

23.04.2010, 9 pm in Centrum Kultury Nowy Wspanialy Swiat


Artists performing:

Blue Ray Release

“Unauthorized Commercials” will be released in April 2010 as the Raum für Projektion label’s first Blue Ray . We will be celebrating this in Warsaw with a premiere screening.

Graw Böckler / Raum für Projektion

Ursula Böckler and Georg Graw work in film, video and photography under the Graw Böckler label. Since 2001 they have run the Raum für Projektion, a temporary and mobile platform, and since 2003 have operated a DVD label under the same name for experimental video projects.


Popnoname, aka Jens-Uwe Beyer, hails from the German island of Fehmarn but now lives in Cologne. As well as pursuing a career as an electronic musician, he composes soundtracks for films, theatre plays and exhibitions. His work is published by the Italic, Firm and Kompakt labels.

We are surrounded by branded products in our everyday lives, yet the media discourse on brands is conducted solely by their manufacturers. Why is this the case? One reason is that it costs money to showcase brands in the media. In films, product logos are discreetly hidden from view unless the manufacturer pays. As a result, the context in which products appear in films is determined exclusively by the manufacturers.
The situation is even more clear-cut in the “advertising film” genre. Manufacturers reflect on and dictate the significance of the products and services which shape our everyday lives. Our project “Unauthorized Commercials” aims to generate an alternative visual discourse on products – both vis-à-vis the impact the products have on our lives, and the way we view and handle these products. Fifty adverts were produced for “Unauthorized Commercials”. The ads were all created without their being commissioned by and without any contact having been made with the manufacturers. They represent an artistic and critical examination of the “advert” genre.

DJ Mobiletti Girardischi [NL]

Mobiletti Giradischi, selector of the wackiest, cheapest, weirdest, most impossible and indeed most forgotten records, was born in Italy, grew up in the Dutch town of Breda, and ended up moving to Berlin. He is CTM’ s undisputed expert in unbelievably strange Moog Music from the sixties to the present day. As the opening act at “The Promised City” party, Giradschi will dig deep into his bag of records to find a sustained flow of rare tunes which will bring joy to young and old alike.

Noot [CA]

The influences on the musical socialisation of Noot (Daniel Bodan) are diverse. Born in the Canadian prairie, Noot moved to French-speaking Montreal in 2003, where he studied for a degree in art. In a roundabout route which took him to the Czech Republic, he ended up in Berlin in 2007, and has been there ever since. Subliminal traces of all these different places can be heard during his performances. As well as appearing live, he also writes soundtracks for fashion shows in Paris and New York, for dance compositions in Antwerp and for films in Montreal.

Planningtorock [UK]


Planningtorock is the stage name of musician and video artist Janine Rostron. Planningtorock melds all her talents in an intensive and unique audiovisual live show. A classically trained violinist, Rostron moved from England to Berlin. 2005 saw her performing for the first time in Berlin clubs under her pseudonym Planningtorock (PTR). The PTR live shows are quite a challenge for audiences of conventional music concerts: Rostron, supported by a variety of props and a range of helmets she designed and made herself, interacts with her projected alter ego. Her debut single “Modern Love”, released during her Weimar Tour EP 2006, features a unique blend of pizzicato strings, beats and vocals which at a moment’s notice can segue from husky, bluesy melodies into weird und unusual sounds. Rostron Impressum Records has also released works by The Knife, Soft Pink Truth and Kevin Blechdom. Another big fan of Planningtorock is David Byrne from Talking Heads – he presented tracks from her album Have It All on his online radio station Have It All tracks have also found their way onto the exclusive compilation of Karl Lagerfeld's Les Musiques que J'aime. In 2009, additionally, Rostron was involved in the musical side of the opera Tomorrow, in a Lear by The Knife. In the spring of 2010, she will be releasing her long-awaited new LP Planet 9, and will present her new songs from the album in Warsaw.

DJ Mo [DE]

Mo Loschelder, a student of Professor Gerhard Richter, has been working as a DJ since 1991. A musician living in Berlin, she founded the Elektro Music Department label in 1995 and has played as a DJ in many of Berlin’s best-known clubs, as well as on the international circuit at Clubberlin, the Venice Biennale, Nirgendwo – Satellit Museum Humlebek - Denmark , Sonic Acts Amsterdam, Berlin - Art Forum, Sound AKA Space staged by Nina Möntmann in Hamburg. She also performed at the opening of the Festival of Visions in Hong Kong. In addition, she has staged workshops on subjects such as “What is Techno?” in Vienna and at soundXchange in Berlin.

U-Matic [DE] – video

U-matic has been creating and realising visuals, installations and video projects ever since 1998. Her work involves boiling film recordings down to the level of pixels and graphic structures: the individual puzzle pieces that she uses for her experimental video mixes. U-matic focuses on the temporal and spatial gaps and errors in the use of images.

U-Matic, light designer Clemens Lüft and video artist Telematique make up the trio called U-matic & Telematique & LFT, specializing in kinetic and interactive light installations. She also stages live VJ performances and installations together with Telematique in a duo known as “u-matic & telematique”.

DJ bshosa [PL]

Michal “bshosa” Brzozowski is the resident DJ at the Warsaw club 55 and a co-founder of the detroit ZDRoJ project. He concentrates on high level work in the areas of audio, video, photography and design. bshosa lived for many years in Berlin, which gave him the chance to support some of the biggest names in club music. Together with Piroman, one of his detroitZDRoJ partners, he brought out his debut album in the spring of 2009; they are now working on a remix for Lebens-Records London and on part of the soundtrack to the film Nieruchomy Poruszyciel by Lukasz Barczyk. In his free time, Brzozowski produces films himself and writes for music and culture magazines.